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Houses for sale in Bristol, RI, are becoming highly appealing investment opportunities. As a result, the value of the Bristol property you purchase today is likely to become significantly more valuable in the coming years. On top of that, buying a home in Bristol means spending every day in a loving community with a strong sense of patriotism.

Bristol, RI, is one of the best places to live in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, not enough people know about that.

Take this opportunity to learn more about the town of Bristol and see why it would be in your best interests to consider moving there. By the end of this article, you may find yourself looking up the top homes for sale in Bristol.

Experience Holiday Celebrations Unlike Any Other in Bristol, RI

Living in Bristol, RI, year-round is a lot of fun. However, you will get a real sense of why the town is so unique during the holidays.

Let’s start with the town’s Fourth of July celebrations. The First Annual Bristol 4th of July Celebration took place in 1785. The original celebration was most notable for the Patriotic Exercises led by Reverend Henry Wight.

Since then, the Fourth of July festivities have continuously evolved. The celebration of the annual event now begins on Flag Day (June 14th ) and continues until Independence Day. The eagerly anticipated Military, Civic, and Fireman’s Parade is the event that officially marks the conclusion of the extended Fourth of July celebrations. Other events are between June 14th  and July 4th.

The end-of-year holiday season is also a busy time in Bristol.

Many of the town’s residents participate in the Bristol Christmas Festival every year. Some of the Christmas-themed events take place in November. Highlights of the Bristol Christmas Festival include the Grand Illumination, the Festival Weekend, and the Snowflake Raffle.

You will be a perfect fit for Bristol if you want a new hometown that loves celebrating the holidays. Talk to a buying agent today and start checking out the houses for sale in Briston, RI!

Tackling the Housing Market in Bristol, RI

Given its coastal location and high standard of living, it probably will not surprise you to learn that the housing market in Bristol is a bit on the pricey side. But how expensive are we talking about here?

According to, the median cost of a new home in Bristol is $455,200. That is considerably higher than the median cost of new housing for the rest of Rhode Island, which is $401,200.

There is a somewhat high barrier of entry for people looking to purchase property in Bristol. However, that does not mean buying one of the houses for sale in Bristol is no longer an option for you. You simply must work closely with a buying agent to find the best deals on homes in that area. Prioritize hiring a buying agent to find the best deals ahead of other home buyers.

Moving to Bristol should not be an issue if you can purchase an affordable home. Other cost-of-living essentials in town are fairly priced. You can move there with your family and still lead a comfortable lifestyle.

A Closer Look at the Neighborhoods of Bristol, RI

Keeping your housing costs under control is easier if you choose your neighborhood carefully. Which neighborhoods have the most and least expensive homes? Data provided by NeighborhoodScout will help us answer that question.

Bristol Highlands

If you want to live in Bristol Highlands, expect to pay a premium for your new home. The median cost of a new home in this Bristol neighborhood is over $564,000. That price tag is quite high, even for Bristol. Unsurprisingly, vacant homes are easy to find in this neighborhood.

Bristol Highlands also has a sizable population of college students. If you have a child who is about to start college, moving to this town is well worth considering if you wish to stay close to them.

Bristol South

Next, we will discuss the housing market in the Bristol South neighborhood of Bristol, RI. Homes in this part of town are more affordable than those in Bristol Highlands but still pricey. The median cost of a new home in Bristol South is $505,000.

Vacancies are even more abundant in Bristol South. More than 27%  of apartments and homes in Bristol South are vacant. Take advantage of the neighborhood’s high vacancy rate with your estate agent’s help.

Bristol East

Bristol East may be your best if you are looking for affordable houses for sale in Bristol, RI. The median cost of a new home in Bristol East is around $444,600.

Unfortunately, you may still have difficulty finding a good deal on a home in Bristol East. That is mainly because many buyers have scooped up the available homes in the area. Work closely with a buying agent if you want to find reasonably priced properties in this neighborhood.

Bristol, RI’s, Best Attractions

Bristol, RI, might be most famous for its holiday celebrations, but other attractions draw people to that town.

For starters, living in Bristol means you can visit Colt State Park whenever you want. Colt State Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Rhode Island. This is an excellent spot for weekend picnics or early morning bike rides.

You can also spend your free time at the Audubon Nature Center and Aquarium. While there, you can visit the museum and check out its interactive exhibits that focus on the wildlife in the area. Trails around the facility also bring you closer to the animals native to this part of Rhode Island.

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