Buying a Home in Warwick

The real estate market in Rhode Island can be a bit pricey for many shoppers. However, you can find houses for sale in Warwick, RI, that are reasonably priced. Warwick may present a great entry point if you have been interested in moving to Rhode Island but have always been deterred by the high cost of housing there.

Of course, Warwick has more to offer than affordable housing. It is a city with a rich history that engages residents with various attractions and activities. Warwick’s not a bad choice in any way if you are seeking a new home for your family.

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The Remarkable History of Warwick, RI

Many are unaware that Warwick, RI, bore witness to numerous historical events. These events are historically significant not only from the perspective of Warwick but for the country as a whole.

For example, Warwick was the backdrop for the Gaspee Affair in 1772. The Gaspee Affair was the Americans’ first violent act against the British Empire. The event was a precursor to the American Revolution and took place within the borders of Warwick.

Warwick combatants also played a prominent role in the Siege of Yorktown and other battles in Montreal, Quebec, and Trenton. You can learn more about Warwick’s role in the American Revolution and why it matters so much to the city’s residents after moving there.

Note that Warwick offers historical attractions that will appeal to more than folks interested in military history. If you wish to learn how the city developed and its remarkable residents, you can take the Walking Tour of Apponaug Village or visit Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum. The Conimicut and Warwick Neck Lighthouses also provide glimpses of what life was like in the city centuries ago.

Get to know the city better after you purchase one of the houses for sale in Warwick, RI.

Affordable Homes Are Widely Available in Warwick, RI

Rhode Island, with its sprawling coastlines and friendly communities, is a great place to call home for about anyone. Unfortunately, one obstacle often gets in the way of people who want to move there. The obstacle in question is the high cost of Rhode Island housing.

According to, the median cost of a new home in Rhode Island is $375,800. That is well above the median price of a new home for the rest of the country.

Warwick is different from many other Rhode Island cities from a housing perspective. That is mainly because affordable homes for sale in Warwick, RI, are easy to find.

The median cost of a new home in Warwick is $301,900. Although the figure is on the high side relative to the rest of the country, it is a bargain for shoppers focused solely on Rhode Island. If you are hunting for a great deal on a Rhode Island home, you must partner with a buying agent and start your search in Warwick.

What You Need to Know about the Neighborhoods of Warwick, RI

It is always important to consider your new home’s neighborhood. The neighborhood you choose will affect numerous aspects of your experience staying in Warwick.

Let’s take the time to learn more about the neighborhoods of Warwick, RI, in this section of the article.

Warwick Neck

Warwick Neck is the most expensive neighborhood in Warwick, RI. How expensive is it? NeighborhoodScout notes that the median price of a home there is more than double what you will find throughout the rest of the city.

You can understand why homes in Warwick Neck are so expensive, given the neighborhood’s proximity to the ocean. However, Warwick Neck real estate properties are great investments if you can afford them.


Is your heart set on purchasing a home found along the coastline? If you cannot afford the housing prices in Warwick Neck, you should peruse the listings in Pawtuxet instead.

Housing prices in Pawtuxet are still slightly above the median mark, but they are significantly more affordable than Warwick Neck properties. Paying that premium to enjoy the gorgeous Rhode Island coastline daily is a trade-off many shoppers are willing to make.

Rocky Point/Longmeadow

Finally, we want to discuss the Rocky Point/Longmeadow neighborhood as a potential spot for your family. This is an area populated by college-age kids. Moving there may make sense if you wish to stay near your kids.

Similar to many other Warwick neighborhoods, Rocky Point/Longmeadow also boasts some spectacular vistas. The homes there are also affordable, which is a nice plus.

Activities to Try for Warwick, RI, Residents

Warwick, RI, has plenty to offer aside from historical sites.

If you are a big fan of the beach, Warwick provides 39 miles of beautiful coastline. Head to one of the beaches near your Warwick home and decompress following a stressful week at work.

You can also enjoy your time outdoors in Warwick by playing golf. Have fun with your friends at the Goddard State Park Golf Course or the Harbor Lights Golf Course.

Enjoy family-friendly activities by heading to the Prime Marina and renting a kayak from Rhode Island Paddle Sports. Your kids will also enjoy interacting with the animals at the C and L Stables.

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