Buying a Home in Cumberland

Tucked into the northeastern corner of Providence County is the town of Cumberland, RI. This town may not be as well-known as some of its neighbors, but those familiar with it swear that the houses for sale in Cumberland, RI, are terrific investments.

Continue with this article to learn more about Cumberland, RI. Learn more about the special features of the town and the housing market there. After going through the information in this article, you can tell if searching for the best homes for sale in Cumberland, RI, is worth your time and effort.

Cumberland, RI, and the Great Outdoors

Do you like outdoor leisure time? If so, Cumberland is the place for you. This town has no shortage of outdoor attractions.

You can start with Diamond Hill State Park. With its challenging trails and abundant open spaces, Diamond Hill State Park is a great training ground for athletes. Start your day by exercising at Diamond Hill State Park and get in the best shape of your life.

If you are interested in more laid-back experiences, you can also drop by the farms in the area. The Metcalf-Franklin Farm, the Geddes Family Farm, and the Phantom Farms are locations worth visiting if you want to appreciate the natural beauty of this town better. You can also get delicious fruits and vegetables during your trips to Cumberland’s farms.

Residents and tourists can also go on one of the Explorer River Tours to see more of Cumberland. These 50-minute boat tours take guests through Blackstone River Valley and nearby areas. Make sure you bring your kids along so they can learn interesting facts about their hometown from the tour guide.

The great outdoors makes the experience of living in Cumberland, RI, more special. You can enjoy the outdoor experiences this town has to offer whenever you want after you buy one of the homes for sale.

Detailing the Housing and Cost of Living Expenses in Cumberland, RI

Moving to Cumberland may sound better and better in your mind. Going through that move can hugely benefit you and your family. But, of course, you still need to prepare ahead of any potential move. That means fully understanding the costs of moving to Cumberland.

We can start by discussing the house prices there. Similar to other small Rhode Island towns, housing costs in Cumberland are quite pricey. According to, the median cost of a new home in Cumberland is $437,800. It is higher than the median cost of a new home in Rhode Island, which is $401,200.

You do not necessarily need to pay that much for your Cumberland property. After you enlist the services of an experienced buying agent, they can present you with the most affordable houses for sale in Cumberland, RI. Carefully examine the options they provide because they may be a property there that suits your preferences perfectly.

The other cost of living expenses in Cumberland are more reasonable. You will not pay a premium for groceries, utilities, or transportation expenses. Reserving more of your budget to pay for your mortgage is easier because of those affordable costs of living expenses.

Getting to Know the Neighborhoods of Cumberland, RI

Working with a buying agent makes it easier to spot the most affordable houses for sale in Cumberland, RI. Beyond that, you can also find affordable homes by shopping in select neighborhoods. The details provided by NeighborhoodScout show how your choice of a neighborhood can affect how much you will pay for your new home.

Arnold Mills East

The housing market in Arnold Mills East is more expensive than the rest of Cumberland. The median cost of a new home here is $528,400.

You may also have difficulty finding a suitable property in Arnold Mills East simply because vacancies are hard to come by. Again, partnering with an experienced buying agent is a must to find a reasonably priced home in Arnold Mills East.

Cumberland Hill

If the homes you are finding in Arnold Mills East are out of your price range, you can do your shopping in Cumberland Hill instead. In this neighborhood, the median price of a new home is around $405,100. Unfortunately, the lack of vacancies may still prove to be an issue even if you decide to do your house shopping in Cumberland Hill.

Cumberland Hill is also a great spot for families. The public schools in the area are among the best in town. You will not need to worry about your children’s education if you decide to live there.

Valley Falls

Buyers looking for the most affordable houses for sale in Cumberland, RI, should check out Valley Falls. The median price of a new home in this neighborhood is only around $375,200. That number is considerably lower than what the other Cumberland neighborhoods offer. Unfortunately, vacancies in Valley Falls remain hard to find. Still, more properties are available in Valley Falls compared to the other neighborhoods.

Popular Activities to Try in Cumberland, RI

Cumberland, RI, has many attractions that should appeal to visitors and long-term residents.

First, you can go to the Cumberland Public Library and Monastery if you want to relax following a challenging week at work. You can also head inside to learn more about the town’s rich history.

The Blackstone River Theatre is another popular haunt for Cumberland residents. Various shows and concerts are at the Blackstone River Theatre throughout the year. The works of local artists are also regularly put on display inside Blackstone River Theatre.

Find the Best Houses for Sale in Cumberland, RI

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