Buying a Home in East Providence

Are you looking for houses for sale in East Providence, RI? You are not alone, as East Providence has recently become a more popular destination. Reach out to a buying agent if you want to learn more about the top properties available there.

East Providence presents would-be residents with a unique community. It is a community that fully embraces its artistic sensibilities. If you are interested in pursuing an art career, East Providence would be a great launching pad for it.

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The Flourishing Art Community in East Providence, RI

The art community in East Providence, RI, is growing bigger by the day. Many folks out of the state are looking up homes for sale in East Providence because they want to be a part of that rapidly growing community.

What prompted this development in East Providence? In 2021, the local government passed legislative initiatives that greatly altered the landscape for artists doing business in the city.

The mentioned initiatives helped create what is known now as the East Providence Art District. Thanks to those initiatives, artists doing business in the East Providence Art District are now exempt from paying income tax on the sales of their creations. This included all artists, composers, and writers who live in the East Providence Art District.

Those tax breaks are good enough incentives for many artists looking to make a living from their creations. Of course, you should consider moving to East Providence beyond those tax breaks.

East Providence also plays host to several art festivals throughout the year. As an artist, you can drum up more interest in your creations by participating in The Looff Arts Festival, the Heritage Day Festival, the Holy Ghost Brotherhood Mariense Feast, and the Providence Folk Festival.

It is time for you to join the thriving arts scene in East Providence. Hire a buying agent today and start perusing the houses for sale there.

The Current Status of the East Providence Housing Market

Looking at the state of Rhode Island as a whole, you will find that homes there are more expensive than in the rest of the country. notes that the median price for a new home in the United States is $291,700. Focusing only on Rhode Island, that number jumps to $375,800.

So, what are you likely to find while checking out the homes for sale in East Providence, RI? You can expect to see more affordable options than in the rest of the state. Going back to, the site has the median price of a new home in East Providence at $318,800. Given how expensive homes can be in other parts of Rhode Island, East Providence can serve as your entry point into the state.

You should find a reasonably priced home there that is big enough for you and your family. Then, partnering with a reputable buying agent makes searching for that home even easier.

 Learning More about the Neighborhoods of East Providence, RI

House prices and access to public transportation are important factors to consider while searching for your new home. You need to keep them in mind as you search for houses for sale in East Providence, RI. Your choice of neighborhoods will have a huge impact on those considerations.

Take this opportunity to learn more about the notable neighborhoods of East Providence so you can find the best fit for your current situation.


First off, let’s talk about Phillipsdale. According to NeighborhoodScout, this is the most expensive neighborhood in East Providence. Do not be surprised to find homes routinely priced over $400,000 here.

Perhaps you can recoup the initial cost of your home investment on your commuting costs. In addition, commutes for Phillipsdale residents tend to be shorter, so you may save some money on fares and/or gas.


Riverside is an East Providence neighborhood famous for its diversity. More specifically, this neighborhood is home to many residents with French or Portuguese ancestry.  The blending of cultures in this neighborhood is one of the main reasons people want to live there.

Interestingly, some Riverside residents must take a ferry to work. So, factor that into the equation before buying a home there.

City Center

Similar to Riverside, the City Center neighborhood of East Providence also features remarkable diversity. Per NeighborhoodScout, nearly 30% of City Center’s residents were born in another country. As a result, the diverse population of City Center has created a one-of-a-kind community that embraces people from all walks of life.

House prices in City Center are affordable compared to the rest of East Providence. Therefore, you and your buying agent should find some good deals there.

Activities to Try in East Providence, RI

How should you spend your free time in East Providence, RI? Earlier in this article, we already mentioned some of the art-related activities that take place in the city. However, if you are not interested in those, we have other suggestions in mind.

East Providence features scenic venues for folks who love the outdoors, including Riverside Square, the East Bay Bike Path, and the Pomham Rocks Lighthouse. Explore those popular East Providence locations to get a better feel for the city.

During the summer, many East Providence residents visit Sabin Point Park and Willett Pond. Take your kids there for fishing and create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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