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25 Reasons to Live in Providence, Rhode Island

reasons to live in providence

Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island and is likely the first place that comes to mind when people think of the country’s smallest state. If you are contemplating a move to Rhode Island, Providence may also be on your shortlist of potential new homes.

Would moving to Providence, RI, be wise for you? To help you answer that question, we have compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why living in Providence can be a terrific experience. Check the list out, and you will understand why you should move to Providence sooner rather than later!

1. Providence’s History Dates back to the 1600s

We cannot talk about Providence without mentioning its historical background. The city was founded in 1636 and has witnessed many significant events since its founding, and you can track how the city has grown after spending time there.

2. Providence’s History Is Easily Accessible

The city of Providence has made its long history easily accessible to tourists and residents alike. If you want to step back in time and learn more about Providence’s evolution, you can visit historical sites such as the John Brown House and the Governor Henry Lippitt House. Visiting those museums allows you to discover Providence’s history from different perspectives.

3. Esteemed Higher Education Institutions Are Found in Providence

The quality of higher education institutions is top-notch. Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design are among the most notable educational institutions in the area. Brown University is a prestigious Ivy League institution. Meanwhile, the Rhode Island School of Design offers some of the best art programs in the world.

4. High-Quality Public Education Is Also Available for Younger Students

Top-notch education in Providence is made available not only to college-age students. You can count on your child receiving excellent education from the city’s public schools, even if they are still going through the early stages of learning. The city’s public schools have great athletics programs.

5. Career Opportunities Are Available in Growing Industries

Are you looking to land a new job in Providence? If so, you are in luck because career opportunities are plentiful in the city. The job market in Providence, RI, is especially exciting because many available career opportunities are in rapidly developing industries.

6. Mentorship Is Made Available to Providence-Based Entrepreneurs

Perhaps you are moving to Providence with plans to start a business. In that case, you should tap into local resources for mentorship. You can approach Million Women Mentors, the RI Small Business Development Center, RI Score, and the Venture Mentoring Service if you are seeking advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

7. Providence Has a Relatively Affordable Housing Market

Rhode Island is known for having an expensive housing market. However, you will find that house prices in Providence are more buyer-friendly.

According to, the median cost of a new home in Providence is $350,800. For context, the median price of a new home in Rhode Island is $401,200. You will likely have an easier time finding an affordable home in Providence than in the rest of the state.

8. Providence Features Some Gorgeous East Coast House Styles

Homes in Providence are not only affordable. They are also quite beautiful.

If you are a fan of East Coast house styles, you will love the selection of homes available in the city. You will find Cape Cod, colonial, federal, and Georgian-style homes throughout Providence. Those gorgeous homes define the suburban landscapes.

9. Providence Boasts a Family-Friendly Environment

Whether you are checking out attractions in Providence or events on the city’s calendar, you will always find something suitable for the entire family. Move to Providence and raise your family in a warm and welcoming environment.

10. Mild Weather Is a Staple of Living in Providence

You will not hear many complaints about the weather from Providence residents. The city gets mild weather throughout the year, so neither the summer nor the winter is particularly harsh.

11. Fall Is a Special Time in Providence

Spring, summer, and winter in Providence are all highly enjoyable, but we want to mention the fall season here. Whenever the fall season rolls around in Renaissance City, you will find residents heading out to admire the gorgeous foliage and participating in festivals. The crisp fall air makes that time of the year even more special.

12. Providence Has a Full Events Calendar

Life is never dull in Providence. No matter the time of year, something big is always coming up on the events calendar. Whether it is the Summer Solstice Festival, PVDFest, or the various food festivals held throughout the year, you can always enjoy great events with your fellow Providence residents.

13. Indulge Your Artistic Side in Providence

The arts scene in Providence is thriving, and you can see that whenever certain events occur in the city. Bright Night Providence is a showcase for some of Providence’s best artists and is held on New Year’s Eve. Providence residents are also encouraged to participate in the interactive arts festival Foo Fest every summer.

14. Develop Your Artistic Talents with the Help of the Providence Art Club

Are you hoping to do more than admire the works of Providence artists? If so, you can join the Providence Art Club and develop your talents. Join the Providence Art Club and attend their classes and workshops. The club can also help you hold private events to showcase your creations.

15. Sample the Best Foods Providence Has to Offer

The food scene in Providence is well worth diving into. You can start by sampling some of the freshest and most delicious quahog clams available in Rhode Island. For dessert, you can step into one of the many donut shops in the city and find something good.

16. Enjoy Some of Providence’s Unique Beverages

Some of Providence’s favorite beverages include Del’s Lemonade and coffee milk. These beverages may seem weird if you are only hearing about them. However, you will quickly understand why Providence residents love them after a few sips.

17. Local Providence Breweries Produce Some Refreshing Beers

Many Providence residents enjoy having some beers on the weekends. In Providence, the typical supermarket fare will not do. You must stop by the local breweries and pick up some bottles to understand why beer is a beloved beverage in this city.

18. Little Italy in Providence Offers Authentic Italian Delights

To wrap up this mini section about food in Providence, we want to take a moment and highlight the city’s version of Little Italy. Make the trip to this part of the city if you want to enjoy some authentic Italian treats. You cannot go wrong no matter which Little Italy restaurant you choose.

19. Providence Has a Collection of Wonderful Parks

You can have a good time in Providence, even if you only hang out at a local park. Make your way to Blackstone Park, Lincoln Woods State Park, or Waterplace Park and enjoy a relaxing walk outdoors.

20. Spend Family Day at Roger Williams Park

Roger Williams Park is arguably the best park in Providence. It is a great place to visit together with your family. Your kids will love the planetarium and the zoo at Roger Williams Park.

21. Providence Is Pet-Friendly

Feel free to explore the city of Providence with your pet. Providence is home to various establishments that will accommodate your furry friends. Treat your pet to a great day out by visiting Dexter Dog Park. While there, your pet can run around and play with their fellow dogs.

22. Sports Fans Will Enjoy Living in Providence

The sports scene is thriving in Providence. You can root for the many collegiate teams representing the city or drive to Foxborough to watch the New England Patriots.

23. Uncover Some Rare Finds while Shopping in Providence

Retail outlets in Providence occasionally put some rare goodies on sale. If you know where to look, you can get your hands on some valuable finds. Paper Nautilus Books and Armageddon Shop are among the stores that sell those rare items.

24. Providence Is Alive at Night

Do not mistake Providence, RI, for some sleepy town. The fun continues in Rhode Island long after the sun goes down. Hit up the city bars for drinks and laughs with your friends!

25. Providence Is a Safe City

Lastly, consider moving there to raise your family in a safe environment. According to U.S. News & World Report, the violent and property crime rates in Providence are lower than the national average. Crime does not run rampant in Providence, even if it is the most populous city in Rhode Island.

We only listed 25 different reasons why living in Providence, Rhode Island, is a wonderful experience, and there are still other things we can highlight. If you are looking for a new place to call home, Providence should be high on your list.

Contact us at RI Home Store if you are planning to buy a new property in Providence. Let us know what you want in your new home, and we will present you with listings that fit your preferences and budget!

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