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Spring Clean Up Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

spring cleaning ideas

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition for many households. But do you know what things you should be doing as part of your spring clean-up routine?

With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time for you to get your home ready for outdoor BBQs and pool parties. Even if you are planning a staycation, some spring cleaning will do your household plenty of good.

In this article, we have detailed some of the essential cleaning tasks you need to carry out this spring. Check them out below to prepare your home better for the upcoming sunny season!

Start Working on Your HVAC Unit

Summers in Rhode Island are not exceptionally warm. That said, the heat may still get to you from time to time. Your HVAC unit needs to be ready to counteract the heat bearing down on your household.

Cleaning up your HVAC unit is a task that will take plenty of work. It is best to get it out of the way as soon as possible so you can use your HVAC unit whenever the need arises.

According to Sears Home Services, parts of your HVAC unit that will need attention include the air filter, the fan, and the condenser coils. The fan and condenser coils will likely need a lot of cleaning, while you may need to replace the air filter.

Working solo on those components of your HVAC unit is possible if you have the right tools and spare parts. If you do not have the tools necessary, you can always call over an HVAC technician and have them tackle the maintenance of your unit.

Examine and Clean Your Gutters

Gutter maintenance is typically not something many engage in over the winter. We hope that the prep work we did earlier in the year is enough to ensure that our gutters will not have any issues.

Well, now that the weather has warmed up, it is time to visit your gutters. Grab a ladder, put on some gloves, and check out how much debris has accumulated in your gutters. Take this opportunity to clear out any bits of debris you find.

While you are up there, you should also inspect your gutters. They may have sustained some damage over the winter. That can be an issue since any holes along your gutters can lead to unwanted energy transfer.

Patch up any holes you find so the cool air from your HVAC unit stays inside your home.

Clear Out Clutter

High temperatures are not the only reasons why you may be feeling comfortable inside your home. Your home interior may also feel stuffy because it is too cluttered.

Bulky coats, portable heaters, and other items you used throughout the winter may still be scattered all around your home interior. You will not need those items for a while, so keep them in storage.

You should also look to clear out your garage, basement, or any other part of your home where you know random items are scattered. Keep all the items you need neat and organized and start disposing of junk.

Once you are done decluttering, you will be amazed by the difference it makes.

Inspect Your Home Exterior

After investing a significant amount of money in your Cape Cod or Queen Anne home, there is nothing wrong with showing it off. Unfortunately, your home may not be suitable for showcasing in its current condition.

The winter season can be rough on your siding, your walls, and even your front door may sustain some damage. You need to address those problems so your home can look its best ahead of your summer parties.

If there is damage to your home, hopefully, it is something you can address quickly by applying a fresh coat of paint. Of course, that may not be enough in certain scenarios.

Snow and strong winds can do a number on a home already in rough shape. You may need to pay for significant repairs if your siding needs repairing.

As for your front door, you can work on rehabilitating that by applying a new coat of paint or polish. If you find small cracks while refinishing your front door, you should patch them up using some caulk.

Work on Your Windows

We cannot forget about windows during our spring clean-up.

Your windows are exposed to the harsh weather during winter. There is a chance they have sustained some damage too. Look for cracks in the glass and figure out if replacement will be necessary.

The window frames should also be thoroughly inspected. Small gaps may open up along the window frame. They may barely be noticeable now, but they will have a greater impact once you start running your air conditioner.

Get to work on repairing those window frames. You can use a sealant to plug those gaps and prevent excessive energy transfer.

If your windows only need some cleaning, then that is great. Mix some water, vinegar, and a few drops of soap to create your cleaning solution. Spray the solution onto your windows and wipe them clean using a microfiber cloth.

Deep Clean Your Walkway

The walkway leading to your front door may be the first thing guests see when they walk up to your Rhode Island home. It would be a shame if the walkway had thick layers of grime that accumulated over the winter.

You have to do something about that, and pressure washing could be the answer.

Some cleaning companies rent out pressure washers, so check around your area for those deals first. Buying a pressure washer makes sense since you will get plenty of uses out of it, but it can get pretty pricey.

Note that pressure washing could damage certain materials for walkways. If you are not certain that your walkway will hold up to the force generated by a pressure washer, you should check with a professional first.

Remove Weeds from Your Yard

Yard clean-up is another crucial part of any spring cleaning routine. That will include removing weeds that have started to take over your yard.

Use your gardening tools to take out those weeds and give your plants more room to grow. Be meticulous when searching for those weeds because some are good at hiding.

Get Your Sprinkler System Working Again

Sprinkler systems usually take a break during the winter. Now that spring is here, it is time to get those sprinklers moving again.

Unfortunately, the sprinklers may not engage right away. They may not work because they are currently clogged.

Thankfully, removing clogs from sprinkler heads is a simple task. You only need to pop up the riser, remove the filter, and rinse it clean. Once the filter is clean, you can set it back inside the sprinkler.

If cleaning the filter does not lead to your sprinklers working again, then you likely have a more serious issue on your hands. The sprinkler may be malfunctioning due to broken heads or busted pipes. You will need to replace those components before you can start using your sprinkler system again.

Prepare Your Grill

Summer is the time for BBQs! If you are planning to host one yourself, you should use this time to check your grill.

Cleaning your grill is a must. According to Pro Grill, unclean grills can attract rodents, and they could also become breeding grounds for mold. Grills that are not clean may also produce weird-tasting food.

Working with an unclean grill is an absolute no-no. Start cleaning by brushing debris away from the grates and wiping them down with a damp rag. You may need to soak the grates first if the dried-up food is stuck to them, and moving forward, be more diligent when cleaning your grill. Try to clean it after each grilling session so it is always fit to be used.

Clean Your Cushions and Covers

Lastly, clean your cushions and covers.

Wash whichever cushions can handle it to remove the buildup of dirt from the past few months. Place them inside new covers to smell nice and fresh in your living room.

If you cannot remove the cushions, using the vacuum will do.

Moving to the bedroom, you can start by flipping your mattress. Using the vacuum to pick up some debris is also a good idea.

Go ahead and replace your sheets during this time and do not forget about the pillowcases. A lot of people struggle with sleeping during the summer because of the hot weather. Using new sheets and pillowcases can help freshen up your bedroom and help you relax better.

Prepping your home for the coming summer season will take a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Instead of enduring a stressful summer, you can relax at home thanks to all the work you already did.

If you are interested in enjoying relaxing summers in Rhode Island, then we at the RI Home Store can help. Contact us today and let us help you find your dream Rhode Island home!

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